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  1. We're Both Pregnant.

    Coping with Infidelity
    Long time watcher, first time post. We are still married. 7 Years. Together for 10. Separated in June 2016. Went through 7 years of infertility, many surgeries and procedures. SO said he could live with or without kids. He started dating current GF in November. She was pregnant by January. She...
  2. What makes a man decide to propose?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi this is a question specifically for currently married men who took a pretty long time to propose to their now wife despite her really wanting him to. Very specific yes I apologise but will I will welcome anything at all from anyone that feels they can contribute. So the 3 part question...
  3. I need to fantasise about other women during sex

    General Relationship Discussion
    So you've read the title - here's the story I'm 28, male, and I've been with my current girlfriend for 8 months. That may not sound like a long time to most of you but it is by FAR the longest relationship I have ever had. I've genuinely never met a girl like her before. She is the least...
  4. I feel depressed

    Coping with Infidelity
    i found out 3 weeks ago that my fiancee of 2 1/2 years had been cheating on me with some f--kface that she met at her work, a couple of days prior she had said she wanted to move out on her own which set off some alarms in my head so i went through her phone and found all kinds of texts to mr...
  5. Kids meet OW

    Coping with Infidelity
    Any thoughts on how to handle my XH introducing my sons to the OW as his new GF? If she were just his GF I could deal a little better - I'm over it; and I want my kids to be healthy and happy. But the idea of them cozying up to the OW makes me a little ill. Thanks for the thoughts.
  6. The Best Friend

    The Men's Clubhouse
    My girlfriend has a male best friend. They are very close, text and Skype each other on a regular basis, and live a few hours apart. Both occasionally drive the distance to visit. They have known each other for almost ten years. I have been with my girlfriend for nearly four. I am not in any...
  7. First time user: My sex life is a nightmare!

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi its my first time posting on this forum, but I need help fast! I was not sure where to post this, but this topic seems to be the best fit so here goes nothing! My girlfriend of 3 years has lost interest in me sexually for the last 9 months to a year. At the beginning of our relationship...
  8. Feeling the IUD During Penetration

    Sex in Marriage
    My GF for the last year who I can't get my hands off (used to be an olympic diver.....still hot as can be) got an IUD in place about 6 months ago. Everytime we have sex I tend go to in really deep and sometimes I can feel the IUD against my *enis. It can be uncomfortable sometimes but hearing...
  9. What kind of person is my gf? Did I make the right decision? What should I do now?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Sorry for the long post. My gf, actually my ex now (after a series of events), is studying her Ph.D program and a few weeks back she had a big exam to present her phd proposal. It was a very important time for her and consequently very stressful. Two days before she had to hand in her proposal...
  10. We had a major fight with my girlfriend, im lost, i dont know what to do

    General Relationship Discussion
    im really lost, please read these. :( What to do after a fight with girlfriend? - Yahoo! Answers She said the harshest things in our fight, what do i do? - Yahoo! Answers please give me your opinions, i need them right now.
  11. Our DOG is hurting our relationship :(

    General Relationship Discussion
    Me and my wife have a dog. We got him 6 months ago. He is a large pitbull and very aggressive with other dogs. Other than that he is a good dog. The wife has an overly empathetic connection to animals and definitely treats them better than people. Since getting the dog we no longer sleep in the...
  12. I'm stuck...really need unbiased opinions

    General Relationship Discussion
    My ex wife and I split up over a year ago. It was not mutual, I didn't want it. I wanted to work on things and stay together but she left regardless. We have two young children together and we loved each other and I thought that alone was enough to work things out. A few months after we split...
  13. She stole my children...

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    my wife was my girlfriend for about 3 years. During that time we had two kids; a girl and then my boy. we were married a short time after my son was born.(I felt we were married without the ring and ceremony, but she felt it was not enough and pressured me into going to the justice of the...
  14. My Girl doesn't listen to me!!

    Relationships and Spirituality
    Hi, I'll start by telling u my story.. I met a nice beautiful girl & few months later we talked about marriage.. we're both r from a conservative / religious families or so I thought! She likes to go to the beach & wear swimsuit has a lot of "guy friends" she tells me she's a virgin so far we...