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  1. Going Through Divorce or Separation
    After weeks of pleading for the H to return our marriage certificate, I have at last lodged a sole divorce application. Because we have children under the age of 18 I have to attend court but I don't mind this so much. The day I went to court to lodge it and pay the fee it felt like my heart...
  2. The Family & Parenting Forums
    We always thought we would have children. We agreed upon that when we met and fell in love during our Army assignment back in 2000. He was 29 and I was 25. We dated and lived together for four years before our marriage in 2004. No rush, we have plenty of time to start a family. I’ve always...
  3. The Ladies' Lounge
    I have only been married for 2 years and we have a beautiful baby girl!! after my daughters birth i feel like i now have 2 children maybe i just didn't notice how childish he was before my daughter was born but now i see it so much i cant stand it and he is completely oblivious to his ways so it...
1-3 of 3 Results