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  1. April Fool's prank

    The Social Spot
    There is a tradition in England for "prank" news stories to be published in the media on "April Fool's Day". The most famous of which was probably the Spaghetti Harvest story from the 1950's: Panorama - April Fool's Day Hoax - Spaghetti Harvest - 1st April 1957 - YouTube This year our local...
  2. Silly Stuff to Start a Smile

    The Social Spot
    Thought this might be fun! Sometimes you just need to kick back and not be so darned serious. So, lets try some silly facts or random thoughts. Some will make us smile. Some will make us say 'Hmm'. For example: If you had a car that COULD go the speed of light and then you turned on the...
  3. Confused about whether to stay or go? Do the rock test!

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    I've been reading a lot of the same stuff over and over from you ladies (and yes, even some of you gentlemen): - Your partner refuses to work and contribute - Your partner has nothing intellectual to say anymore - Your partner steals money from you - Too much arguing - Your partner cheats on...
  4. FREE the FART thread

    The Social Spot
    PLEASE!!! We had some of our best work in that thread. It was very theraputic and caused countless full body laughing fits. It has been suggested that it could be resurrected with the original post deleted to protect the innocent. We are not beneath begging, bribing or boycotting... (and...
  5. Anniversary gifts

    General Relationship Discussion
    This definitely better than the norm: YouTube - My Anniversary Gift to Lisa Any others?