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  1. Davidmidwest 54 Orland Hills, IL

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    I am recently divorced on 10/17/2017. I am slowly moving on. I am relieved with not having to deal with lawyers, the courts, and the drama. I can now work on healing, growth, and myself. I look forward to that day. Iv'e been through Divorce Care program twice. It does help.
  2. Flowers sent to an Italian girl

    General Relationship Discussion
    Some of you may know, that I was once married to a traditional Chinese woman. The marriage was dissolved in Nov 2015. I've not tried to get anyone since. I was pining over my ex-wife for a long time (Oct 2016-Jan 2017) trying to remain loyal to my vows. So I wasn't focusing on anyone else in...
  3. Is my boyfriend's friend more than a friend???

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi there, my boyfriend and I have been together almost a year. I love him so much and I really do think he could be the one. I hope. Recently an old best friend of his just came back into his life. He insists they are just friends but it doesn't feel like that to me. For one, she is madly in...
  4. I love my husband and I love my best friend???. HELP

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  5. Husband says I LOVE YOU to another woman. Is that okay!?? Please reply!!

    General Relationship Discussion
    Please reply with your thoughts! My husband's best friend is a woman and they say I love you to each other. She is gay, but I was uncomfortable with this practice, so I explained to him it was not appropriate to say those words to another woman other than his wife and his family members...
  6. Friend Has Problems

    General Relationship Discussion
    We all went out the other week and one of my friends came along and her husband didnt come as they had a big row about head phones apparently,. one of my other friends brought her friend and husband along, now they have a son in his 20's who came along, we are in our 40's. my friend was clearly...
  7. My husbands friend is a sociopath. What should I do?

    Physical & Mental Health Issues
    I guess it's best if I start from the beginning. Before my husband and I even started dating I told him what I was diagnosed with at the time, which was severe reoccurring major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and PTSD. I also told him that it would be quite likely that I would die by...
  8. Need help with best friend (girl)

    General Relationship Discussion
    Im 15 and I just moved into a small private school with about 100 kids this year. I met this girl about 4 months ago and we were great friends. We would talk and laugh all the time, go out for ice cream etc. But after about 2 months she would start talking to me less, and seemed almost annoyed...
  9. Reconcilliation Probabaility

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi all, I have found myself in a really unusual situation, that after a very nasty divorce 2 years ago, I realised how much I loved my ex husband. I eventually plucked up the courage to tell hi, which was probably a big shock, however nothing happened, but we bacame very good friends. For a...