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  1. What's Cookin?

    The Social Spot
    I wish there was a category for this and not just a single thread. I'd love it if people would put on here what they were cooking or eating on a regular basis. I just had generic Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast because my bacon didn't get filled on my parking lot pickup order. :cry...
  2. Husband seems to love to Blame Everything on me.

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hey there, I am having a little wee bit of a rough morning. Going off hardly any sleep at all. And I have to get our daughter up soon and my head is just hurting. The thing is my husband who is Air Force is having an Open Work Space morning where he brings me to a potluck and shows me were he...
  3. young couple w/ $$$ arguments and no results

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    So here's the scoop. We've been married for almost a year now, and we have completely different views on money. We knew this 100% beforehand, but it never fully gets better. He grew up in a family that doesn't budget AT ALL. He was never fed home-cooked meals by his mom (or dad). They always ate...