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  1. The face of fertility: Why do men find women who are near ovulation more attractive?

    The Social Spot Women are most fertile a week after their period begins. At this time, they experience changes in their psychology, behaviour...
  2. Decreased female sex drive -Lexapro? Age?

    Sex in Marriage
    Okay female and male both 42. My wife seems to have a decreased sex drive, She says her body does not work like that anymore. When we do have sex it is good. Often much easier for her when she has a few drinks. We have a loving relationship and no other real issues. She says when i...
  3. It's been 4 days since we separated

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Hello everyone. I am in pain and I need help. I can't breathe properly. My heart is pounding slowly but hard. I can't believe it really happened. I'm in denial and yet I know it is done and I am trying to plan a way out because I don't know what else to focus on. We could never...
  4. female 48 years old and lost my sex drive?

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Anyone else that is female adult that has a sex drive all their live and lost it? I mean I have no desire. I have lost desire for other things too. I have never lost my sex drive before that is so completely gone. I am married and we both are sexy, healthly, and attractive adults. so...