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  1. Gut instincts about boyfriend's female best friend

    General Relationship Discussion
    We have been together for six months now and getting along great except for one thing. He has introduced me to some of his friends. The first of his friends that I met is his female "best friend". She is married. The first time the three of us got together so that I can meet her, he treated her...
  2. boundaries with a female friend

    General Relationship Discussion
    I'm 23 and my boyfriend is 26, been in a serious relationship for just under 2 years. Saving up to buy a house together, so getting pretty serious. We have a great relationship, except for a few things. His best friend is female, I like her a lot and we have now become pretty good friends as...
  3. Are you ok with this?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi married ladies My husband started carpooling with one of his female co-workers like 8 times and each time it took two hours (from a city to another, my husband only visits on weekends as we work in 2 different cities). After that they became so friend that they started to chat during the...
  4. overreacting because I'm jealous of my husband'd female "buddy"

    General Relationship Discussion
    I have an awesome husband, and I do not think he's cheating or ever would. But he has befriended a woman (we'll call her Rachel) who is in love with his friend (Tom) so he became the middle man for them because Tom is unhappily married and fell into feelings and an affair w Rachel. Well, my...
  5. Husbands needy friend.

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi everyone. i have been married for about a year now. There is one pressing issue in my marriage that i dont know how to deal with. It is one of my husband's female friend. They have known each other for several years (appr 10-12). ?However she phones him a lot, wants to always 'hang out' with...