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  1. My dad is cheating and I do not know what to do.

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi. I know this website is meant for families, moreover adults, however I just wanted to talk to you guys and see if you can help me with what I am going through, as I have no one to talk to this about. I recently found out that my father has been on a gay dating app called "Grindr" and he is...
  2. Do most fathers don't ever want their daughters to find love?

    The Social Spot
    No matter what, most fathers seem to hate it whenever their daughters dates someone. There are even shirts made for daughters that say "I'M NOT ALLOWED TO EVER DATE" and shirts made for fathers that say "DADS AGAINST DAUGHTERS DATING". I have also heard many fathers on the internet say that...
  3. New Father Looking for Advice

    The Men's Clubhouse
    Hello Fatherhood, My Wife and I welcomed our lovely Baby Boy into the world this past November. He is just about to be 4 months old. Tonight my wife finally explodes telling me that I am a bad Dad....Some background. My wife worked full-time up until the end of the first trimester. She was...
  4. Wife of almost 20 years

    Coping with Infidelity
    I am writing because I don't know what else to do. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Scott. I met my wife when I was just starting college. She was perfect. She didn't drink, she didn't cuss, she was "by the book." I soon dropped out of college and joined the Army in 1995. She...
  5. What does it means to be a father and a husband?

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    I'm struggling just to get my husband to take on the role and responsibilities that come with marriage and having a child. Before we were married he always was willing to help me and I felt like I could count on him for anything. Ever since our daughter was born, he has whined and wiggled his...
  6. Husband and Son hate each other

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    When one walks into the room the others demeaner changes. My husband is very overbearing with the children. He is very strict and gripes about everything all the time. For example, a typical day at my home consists of my husband coming home, saying hi to myself and my daughter. He then proceeds...