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  1. Sexual Desert: obese husband

    Sex in Marriage
    My husband and I have been married for 2 years and dated for 6 years before that. We started having sex a year after dating. We haven't had sex in 5 months now, & I've been going crazy over it for the past 3!! I don't know how much longer I can take!!! First off, some background: I (the wife)...
  2. What to Do with the Fat Wardrobe?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Over the last year and a half, I'm down from 212 to 175 and heading to 170. Waist has gone from 38 to 32. Shirts from XL to L. So what to do with the fat clothes...I'm something of a pack rat so part of me says, keep them just in case; While, the other part says get them the hell out of...
  3. Need Advice: Wife Putting on Weight

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Okay...venturing out along a road lined with IEDs and into a MINE FIELD. My wife is putting on weight. I don't like it. What can I do? She's 58, 5'2" and was 130 when we married 6 years ago. Curvy in the right places and comfortable. Now, her tummy sticks out further than her chest and...
  4. How Do You Feel About A Guy With Man Boobs?

    The Ladies' Lounge
    I've had man boobs all my life and have had trouble getting into relationships with women. I just wanted to know, how do you feel about a guy with man boobs? Does it put you off? Would you give him a chance if you got along with him? Or is there no chance in the world you'd go out with a guy...
  5. Advice on Insensitive(?) Husband

    General Relationship Discussion
    My husband and I had a micro vacation just the two of us, kids at home. It was great to reconnect, especially without the distractions of everyday life. We've been married for twenty years and have worked together for most of them. Everything was going great until the last night when I...
  6. Sexless relationship

    General Relationship Discussion
    I'm 25 years old and I have a relationship with a man I love for four years now. I will apologize now if my post is too big it's just that I need to talk to somebody or I'll burst. Let me take it from the beginning. My bf and I had an amazing first year. You know sex anytime, anywhere.. This...