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  1. I feel like our marriage is failing, any advice appreciated

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  2. Wife hates family, so do I!!

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    So, I'm new to this. Let me start off by saying that my family is TOXIC. They are full of strong personalities that only my family could really handle being around. They have these ultra conservative views and they are not afraid to express them in front of strangers. I am very different from...
  3. Love my wife but should I consider a separation/divorce

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    I am having marital issues that are pushing me into near-depression. In order to explain my problem, I have to explain a bit of my history. It is tough for me to find a good person to discuss this. So I am leaning on you all for support and advice. I hope you can patiently read through my rant...
  4. Wife feels rejected by my sister and adult daughter (from prior marriage)

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    My wife complains that she does not feel comfortable around my adult daughter from a past marriage or my sister. My wife was an only child and she and her mother are last in her family line. Her main complaint is that she had expectations of having a big family that she would be close with...
  5. My wife and my family

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello, i am new to this page and i dont know if i am getting ideas to my head or just wrong. I been married for a year and we both come from very united families, but for some reason she wont have a relationship with my family as i have developed with hers. I have confronted to her about it but...