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  1. Wife Left Me for Her Married Boss

    Life After Divorce
    My WS wife took a job as a restaurant manager in March of 2016. It was a new establishment and very high end. Business is very good to this day. I had a regular 9-5, and she had been looking for something more fulfilling and better pay for quite some time. We were married after an 8-year...
  2. Am I in trouble with this man?

    The Ladies' Lounge
    I have never posted online before. I am a 49 year old woman who is married to a 51 year old man for 9 months. We started our relationship 2 1/2 years ago while we were both ending other marriages. We were all love and thrills, excitement about how we were soulmates and magical dreams. The...
  3. Separated, not sure how to win my wife back

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    OK, so my wife [29F] and I [29M] have been separated for a while now. She is staying at a friend's house. So, the start of our relationship was pretty rocky. I was going through a divorce with my first wife and was in a state of confusion as to what I needed and wanted. We got together and broke...
  4. An unselfish divorce?

    General Relationship Discussion
    I have been dating a man who is cohabitating and co-parenting his two children with his ex. They have separate rooms, and separate lives. I have zero concerns that there is still love there beyond the kids. We are both very happy. I have an acquaintance relationship with his ex and his boys and...
  5. Karma and life after divorce

    Life After Divorce
    I think Karma is amazing! I left my ex-wife 7 years ago and discovered after I had left that my, (at the time), best friend who was also our mechanic had not been servicing our vehicles but my ex as well. Which would explain after the fact, why when her car needed something it would be done...
  6. Alone and Confused

    General Relationship Discussion
    My husband and I have been struggling to maintain our marriage. We got married almost one year ago and it has been a very rough journey. My only family is 5000 miles away and he speaks to his sisters every once in a while on the phone. We moved to a new location soon after we got married, bought...