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  1. Husband emailing ex girlfriend

    General Relationship Discussion
    It's funny, I came to this site by googling "husband emailing ex girlfriend" and it's amazing how many posts there are about this. My story is a little different -- maybe not as serious as some of these posts I'm reading, but still upsetting. My husband started an email correspondence on...
  2. I think my ex GF is throwing her life away

    The Men's Clubhouse
    Hi, The story thus far : My ex GF and I met in school and we continued to have a good relationship for 7 years. We are both from India and belong to different religions me being a Hindu and she Christian and evangelical at that. Over the past year she has has been put under severe pressure by...
  3. Should husband still be talking to ex-girlfriend

    General Relationship Discussion
    I really need some advice. I've been with my husband 7 years, and almost married 4 years. I've found out he's been talking to his ex-girlfrend on the phone and texting. About 6 months ago I told him how I felt about this when I saw he was texting her agian. I told him I trusted him but not her...
  4. Facebook ex-girlfriend

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi! I recently found out that my husband has an ex-girlfriend on his facebook page and I read thier conversations and she said she still loves him, that he is the love of his life and that if he ever wanted to leave his wife, he could come back to her. I am so sick to my stomach as I write this...
  5. Ex-girlfriend FBing husband

    General Relationship Discussion
    So, I thought since I don't like to call my hubby while he's working and he goes out of town sometimes for work, I'd set him up on Facebook. I could post updates on what the babies and I are doing throughout the day, add pictures when they're doing something cute, you know, a way to keep in...