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  1. Husband's kept his multiple FB profiles a secret and it has left me disturbed!

    General Relationship Discussion
    My husband and I have been married for 6 years through arranged marriage. We have a son (5) and a daughter (2). He was never on Facebook, whereas I have been for some years now. He never seemed inclined and I didn't fuss over it. However, a few months back out of curiosity I searched his name on...
  2. Girls Opinion: Ex Likes my Photos

    General Relationship Discussion
    I was dating a girl about a year ago. A short but intense relationship that ended abruptly and without closure. Just kind of faded away as it was long distance and she was leaving soon for a 1 year job overseas. For the past year I've been doing my own thing, dating, and moving on with my...
  3. Co Parenting with an unreasonable Ex Girlfriend

    General Relationship Discussion
    I have been with my wife for 5 years married for 2 1/2. My wife has been actively involved with raising my daughter her now step daughter since we first got visitation when my daughter was 7 months old. My daughter is now 5 years old and my ex refuses to let my wife play an active role in...
  4. How to cure a broken relationship

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    I recently read a book about how to cure a broken relationship. I got the book shortly after the Valentine's day. I feel like reading something about relationships. Peoples are busy nowadays. Time shared with the other half is depleted by works and internets. The links between couples are...