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erection problems

  1. How can I deal with his ED?

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi all, My fiancé and I have been struggling with our sexual life for quite a while and I alternate feelings of hope for the situation to improve and understanding for him - to sadness, anger and fear for the relationship to end. When the latter kick off, I get really sad and emotional and it's...
  2. AM I Eligible To Marry...Sexual Health???

    Sex in Marriage
    I have been a frequent masturbator since 14 years. I am 25 right now. And i feel like my penis is not working anymore. I have never laid down with a girl. Following are my problems point wise:- 1. Due to excessive masturbation, pornography and smoking i feel like my erection angle has went...
  3. problems keeping an erection with condom

    Sex in Marriage
    so today me and my girlfriend were going to lose our virginity, but when i put the condom on i just went floppy and i dont know why, every other time we've done things its been fine, i wonder if it was the condom but im not sure, it was a durex one and i think it was orange flavoured, my...