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erectile dysfunction

  1. Porn induced ED

    Sex in Marriage
    Is this a real phenomenon... I've read more than one view on this subject and I am able to ejaculate with porn but unable to ejaculate through sex with wife... I made a decision to quit porn because I heard it can interfere with my ability to keep an erection and ejaculate during porn... I've...
  2. How can I deal with his ED?

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi all, My fiancé and I have been struggling with our sexual life for quite a while and I alternate feelings of hope for the situation to improve and understanding for him - to sadness, anger and fear for the relationship to end. When the latter kick off, I get really sad and emotional and it's...
  3. Sexless Marriage

    Sex in Marriage
    I have seen many posts from couples who haven't had sex for years and this is also my issue. My husband has been suffering from erectile dysfunction for about 8 years now. We have attempted sex about 4 times in those 8 years but it wasn't successful. He went to the doctor once who told him to...
  4. Need a release...Advice?

    Sex in Marriage
    So me and my now fiancé have been together for three years. He really is the love of my life, my soul mate...everything. There is, however one problem...the sex. There is an age difference, which honestly has never interfered with anything between us except sexually. I stay ready for sex nearly...
  5. My man is faking orgasm

    Sex in Marriage
    So I've been reading about this all of a sudden in several different places. Men not being able to get it on because they whack off too much to porn. It's called porn induced erectile dysfunction and is becoming one of the largest causes of ED for younger men. Basically it's like listening to...
  6. ED and Porn - Advice?

    Sex in Marriage
    My husband and I have been together for nearly 4 years. Our sex life during the first year was fantastic (of course), and the next year things gradually simmered down. This is normal, you can't maintain that "new love" heightened sex drive forever. I get that. Neither of us has changed much...
  7. Angry about husband's ED

    Sex in Marriage
    I know I'm supposed to be supportive and understanding and I have been, for all 3 years of our marriage, but I am beginning to feel resentful about all the tips to wives to be so tender with the male ego and hear NOTHING about how frustrating it is for the woman. I also am beginning to feel...
  8. AM I Eligible To Marry...Sexual Health???

    Sex in Marriage
    I have been a frequent masturbator since 14 years. I am 25 right now. And i feel like my penis is not working anymore. I have never laid down with a girl. Following are my problems point wise:- 1. Due to excessive masturbation, pornography and smoking i feel like my erection angle has went...
  9. My Husband Will Turn Me On and Then We Won't Have Sex. What can I do to change this?

    Sex in Marriage
    Well, first of all I want to start by saying that I know that I have a better situation going for me than some, because I know that my husband DOES want me and/or wants to have sex with me. :) I don't want to seem ungrateful for the connection I have. Here is the thing though: We have sex, on...