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emotional absence

  1. Severed emotional connection. How do I get it back if want it back?

    General Relationship Discussion
    First of all, this is coming from a place of hurt. My hurt, and I'm still trying to process it and my thoughts and feelings. I've been with my spouse for over 20 years. We've had our good times and bad, but through it all, we had each other. We were best friends and in sync with each other and...
  2. Lack of sex

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi everyone I need to vent. I have been married almost a year now and together 3 years. I love my husband but we are having intimacy issues. When we first started dating I knew he didn't have much experience in the bedroom and I was fine with that. He had never ejaculated during sex before we...
  3. How do help my wife reconnect emotionally

    General Relationship Discussion
    My story is similar to many other stories here. Married for 27 years with two grown children. And although it will not sound like it after you read this, we have had a ‘great’ marriage with lots of love, hugging, etc. The kids occupied much of our free time and until we became empty nesters...
  4. So Close to Despair

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    I have been with my guy for a little over two years, and engaged for 10 months. We had tentatively decided to get married next month. But lately I have been experiencing cold feet. After all, I don't want to commit to someone who is not fulfilling all my needs. It took the deadline looming...