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  1. Do I elope or do I wed?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello! Before I explain, I want to ask that you keep an open mind and read the whole post. So me and my fiance are deeply in love. I couldn't imagine life without him and I cant even think of a future without him in it. My parents on the other hand feel as if I'm too young to even consider...
  2. In Need of a Comeback

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Hi ladies! This is my first post for advice on any site so obviously things have gotten to an extreme point. Before getting married I was a loyal fan of every wedding reality show that you can think of. I also like to event plan for my family and friends, so you can imagine that I had my heart...
  3. secret wedding

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi! Please help us.... I am Prince. I am 21 years old. My girlfriend is 20 years old. We both live in Karnataka, INDIA. We Both are CHRISTIANS. I am 'Hindu Mala' to be precise! We both are in love since years. But our parents are just toooooo strict and narrow minded! If they get to know that...