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  1. General Relationship Discussion
    This is going to be long. OK. I've started a few threads here over the last year or so. Used two different user names because I thought I deleted the other, but automatically logged in via my browser. I was recommended the book No More Mr Nice Guy. I've only read about 40 pages into it and...
  2. Considering Divorce or Separation
    I have been with my guy for a little over two years, and engaged for 10 months. We had tentatively decided to get married next month. But lately I have been experiencing cold feet. After all, I don't want to commit to someone who is not fulfilling all my needs. It took the deadline looming...
  3. Sex in Marriage
    Hiya, does anyone here have any suggestions on how to be intimate without having sex? My husband and I have been together for 6 years but because of erectile dysfunction, having sex isn't always an option for us and I'm wondering how we can remain close to one another? Without sex, it's easy...
1-3 of 3 Results