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  1. Not sure if one time thing or ongoing... Is being drunk an excuse?

    Coping with Infidelity
    So the backstory on his infidelity: I work graveyard shifts at Subway from 10pm to 6am. I burned my arm on the speed oven and texted him telling him. And then he asked if I was okay and then I said yes, but it hurts. Then he texted me "f**k me" completely out of context then sent the messages...
  2. Does my husband have the problem or do I?

    Relationships and Addiction
    My husband and I have been married for 20 years and have 3 daughters (11-15 yrs old). We were both quite young when we started dating an never thought twice about how much he drank at that time. We were young and that was what being in your late teens early 20s was all about. However, after 3...
  3. What should I do?

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    Hello all. Just recently turned 40. Wife will be turning 25 in the next few months. We have been married for 3 years. We met at work, had been working together up until Jan 09. When we stopped working together, everything changed for her. She is never home now. Goes out drinking, stays out until...