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  1. I feel like our marriage is failing, any advice appreciated

    General Relationship Discussion
  2. Family fell apart, but no end to drama in sight

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    I am going through a terrible family situation right now including a separation and probable divorce. I really don't know how to cope and what actions to take myself. The background is that I have been married for 20 years, with three children. The last seven or eight years have been very rough...
  3. Right Or Wrong

    General Relationship Discussion
    Okay... I'm going to try to not be frustrated when I write this and deliver just clear common facts. For those who have read my posts before: My husband and I are planning on seeing a counselor and getting his "anger" issues and my lack of anger issues under control. Recent News: I do not...
  4. Brother-In-Law's Girlfriend Causing Rift...

    General Relationship Discussion
    My brother-in-law AJ is a quiet, reserved, introspective now-former Marine who had a lot going for him until he started dating the most renedcky girl I have ever encountered. He started talking to her a few months before his deployment ended. At the time she was 19, pregnant, and going through...
  5. I dont know what to do.

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi ev1. My husband and i havebeen together about 4 years and married almost one. He has always had a bit of a passive aggressive attitude, but lately i am just baffled. He is in the military which may have caused it to be worse im not sure. When hes mad he cusses at me, calls me names says all...