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  1. Living-in-the-moment dating?

    Life After Divorce
    I'm a 50-year-old divorced woman. When I dated before getting married, there was always the get-to-know-you phase. With some men it was relatively "shallow", for lack of a better term, as there were only one or two dates. With others, as things progressed, there was more deep discussion. Talking...
  2. Divorced and working it out with ex is it possible?

    Life After Divorce
    My wife and myself split 3 years ago this coming may after 9 years of marriage we have 2 childern together.In my mind she cheated on me I will get more in depth if you need to know.Our marriage didnt end very well she moved on quickly it took me along time to get over her actually im not sure if...
  3. When is the right time for this. *Need Advice*

    General Relationship Discussion
    So heres my dilemma. I am recently separated for about 2 weeks now. Its deffinilty a done deal. My wife is seeing somone else. We are making plans to move out after christmas. Now currently i have been talking to another women almost everyday. This women and I dated just prior to me meeting...