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  1. In the Dog House

    New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself!
    I would like to get feedback and thoughts on how you would feel and handle the following situation: My in-laws insist on bringing their dog (equivalent to a Golden Retriever) to our house when visiting. Despite my objections, my husband tells them "it's not a problem, it's ok". My in-laws do...
  2. 1 simple question (Bar related)

    General Relationship Discussion
    Wife and I are at a bar, I walk out of the bar to try to break up an altercation. I come back and my wife is at the bar talking to another guy..It upset me..We have been married for almost 20 years so it is not really a jealously thing I just feel it is disrespectful and she is either naive to...
  3. Advice needed-had enough of hubby's disrespect

    General Relationship Discussion
    HI. I am 33 hubby is 34.We are married for 7 years with two kids. 4 and 1.5year old. I have an issue with my hubby and his lack of respect when he goes out drinking. He makes promises to return at a certain time but doesn't. He will come home 3-4 or 5 hours later than normal. He has done this...
  4. blended family / complusive husband

    General Relationship Discussion
    I have been married to my husband since 2008. He is 12 years older than me and recently retired. We moved to California together along with 3 of my teenagers/young adult children. He gets very upset because my kids do not talk to him that much because when they do if they don't say something...
  5. Husband watches rape and sleep porn! :(

    Sex in Marriage
    Last year my husband raped me while I was asleep. I've been super cautious sleeping now around him. While looking through the browser history on our laptop trying to find an old page, I see that he has been looking up RAPE PORN! I don't understand this! Is it some weird fetish!? I don't know...
  6. Finding Common Ground

    Sex in Marriage
    Background: 2nd marriage for both. Married 10 years. I am 50 and husband is 51. We have sex at least once per day on average for some time. Sometimes vanilla but trying to spice things up a bit. When dating he revealed: -at least one time going to a swingers' club with his ex-wife. She was...