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  1. A few questions for older, wiser TAMers

    The Social Spot
    Hello TAM friends, Random questions from a long time lurker here. For context, I've been on this site for about a year (you can see my sign up date), but never chose to publicly share my ignorance with the TAM community at large. Until now, I guess. But tonight, I guess I was just thinking...
  2. Religion/Atheist Talk

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello I have a an extensive and long story if you're curious and if you read my threads you'll find i've arrived and have been practicing the no more mr nice guy school of healing. It has worked wonders for me so far. Got finances in shape, working on my confidence. Standing up for myself...
  3. Incapable of having a discussion with husband

    General Relationship Discussion
    My husband came home from work this evening and I casually asked him when we were going for this holiday with his parents. He told me everything was already booked last week. I was taken aback because he didn't say a word or even bother to ask me if the dates were ok with me. When I told him how...
  4. Apologetics Anyone?

    Since there are so many questions raised and issues discussed concerning people’s basic assumptions about life, about their philosophy, about their religious beliefs, indeed, about their very approach to reality and the way their society goes about organizing things, it seemed like a useful...