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  1. Searching for Contentment

    General Relationship Discussion
    It's been awhile since I posted here, and I can't honestly say that my marriage is any better than it was over a year ago. My husband lost his job last October and the job search since has been rigorous and disappointing, and of course, it has caused him a lot of stress. I try to give him grace...
  2. Emotional Affair and Divorce

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Well, After an emotional affair with another man my wife began to see problems in our marriage. The problems became an excuse to continue the affair. I would got trough a lot of emotions and, eventually, we would divorce. Reading this will offer some warnings signs to others. The first signs...
  3. I really need help i feel trapped and i see no way out.

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    Hello everyone, I am 25 years old and last year i got married to a man 8 years older than me. We arew not from the same country i know him from 2006, we were doing on and off long distance relationship, with me going to visit him from time to time. And last year i moved to his country in his...
  4. Oral Sex

    Sex in Marriage
    Another concern of mine is when me and my fiance had an active sex life he loved to perform oral sex on me. It was awesome and he did it every time we had sex! However he didn't let me perform it on him he states it does nothing for him, I would do it to him during a position change and he...
  5. Am I out of line?

    General Relationship Discussion
    I suppose I posted this originally in the wrong area. I'd love to hear some opinions and some suggestion on how to get past this issue. Thanks! Hi, first time posting here. Hoping to get some objective opinions on my current situation. About 2 weeks ago I had what I considered a major...