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dirty talk

  1. What can i do?

    Sex in Marriage
    I write to you because I do not know how to behave in the situation where I am, I can not talk to any known person, because I would certainly judge myself, and so much I would have. It's about my husband who, in fact, is very weird. Always puts me in the position of going beyond my limits - he...
  2. You Dirty Sl*t

    Sex in Marriage
    My husband and i have a pretty good sex life i would have to say. We make love 3-4x a week multiple times somedays. Good quality sex, neither of us feel it as a chore or a service to the other. 1 month ago i gave birth to our first child. our beautiful babygirl. We resumed sex 2 week afer...
  3. We just started SEXTING...HELP!

    Sex in Marriage
    Ok so I need some help...I am very shy when it comes to all this so bare with H and I have started venturing into sexting...and Im lost! Im horrible at "dirty talk" during sex (which id love to get better at) and I draw a blank every time he sends me dirty text....everyone says "just...
  4. Dirty talk makes me feel cheap

    Sex in Marriage
    The other night is a good example of what has been going on for a while. The "love-making" was nice at first. But it went from being nice to it being really dirty and rough. I thought (as usual when this happens), well, maybe he needs this. But afterwards, things just kept running through my...