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depression and violence

  1. Fed Up

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello! My name is Amanda and I am looking for advice/ help. I have been married for 9 years and i think my husband is depressed or something. e is nonstop calling me names, ex: *****, ****, *******, ****er, fat ass, etc. Also telling to go jump off a bridge, fat ass, etc. He has done it so long...
  2. GUNS/DIVORCE -Anxious depressesed husband-

    Physical & Mental Health Issues
    I've been married for 12 tooo LOOONNG years. My husband in the last 3years was officially told by Emory Univ. doctors he is a sufferer of major deppression and anxiety. Not surprised about that given his behavior and his mom was told she was bordlerline personalities. I have a 10yr old son who...