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dad & daughter

  1. Do most fathers don't ever want their daughters to find love?

    The Social Spot
    No matter what, most fathers seem to hate it whenever their daughters dates someone. There are even shirts made for daughters that say "I'M NOT ALLOWED TO EVER DATE" and shirts made for fathers that say "DADS AGAINST DAUGHTERS DATING". I have also heard many fathers on the internet say that...
  2. Please help, I discovered my dad is cheating with escorts

    Coping with Infidelity
    I am 22, I recently have moved back home to live with my parents and older brother after graduating university. My parents have been married for around 30 years and show no sign of a troubled relationship. My dad has always had a toxic relationship with looking at women on the internet. I...
  3. Daughter Says Shes Isn't Important to Me

    General Relationship Discussion
    My daughter is graduating HS in May. She is going to nearby college. I've been helping her with registration, etc. I've been separated since 05. Divorced since 06. I went overboard (my view) protecting my daughter from "pain" during and after divorce. Spoiled her. I don't feel she...