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  1. Joint Credit Card Question

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    Is there a way to find out any joint credit cards that I might have forgotten I have with my significant other? What's the best way to close joint credit card accounts? Should I just have the joint accounts closed, or should I just call the credit card company and ask for my name to be removed...
  2. Opinions of Separation and Recovery

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Hello, I'm hoping to get some insight on my separation from my husband. We were best friends for 15 years, dated for 6 of those years and married for 1 and a half of those years. I'm only 29, so this situation is all the more devastating to me because I'm losing not just my best friend and...
  3. Should asking for someone's credit report be a normal part of preparing for marriage?

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    Today, financial disputes are one of the most popular reasons listed as a cause for divorce. One or both persons in these marriages often say their partner betrayed their trust or was misleading about financial issues. For some, their former spouse hide debt problems from them, while others were...
  4. Just Whose Money is It?

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    Where to's such a long story, and I feel like leaving any tiny bit out is not properly representing the situation. But, because I actually want help and not to put people to sleep, let me try and put together a shortened version of events. My wife and I have been together for 12...
  5. Wife Desperate to find answer to our debt problems

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    I am here because I don't know where else to turn. I will go over our story as brief but clearly as I can. My husband and I are about $30,000 in debt, give or take. (Plus the mortgage, of course.) I am a mother to four going on five children. (I didn't plan on having another, I tried hard...