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communication issues

  1. We met when I was 14...& now he hates me.

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello everyone, I've never posted on a forum and am not sure if I am even doing this right but here we go... I want to fix my marriage and be happy again. A bit of background - my husband and I started dating 15 years ago. We were next door neighbors. I was 14, he was 16. We've never...
  2. Marriage About To End - Please Help

    Coping with Infidelity
    Thank you for your interest. Currently there is a issue that my brother and my sister in law are facing which is a little complex yet I need a solution. So some background - marriage was family introduced and had meet for a max of 3 times until the marriage day. Prior to wedding he had...
  3. What to do when a spouse refuses to 'talk'?

    General Relationship Discussion
    I've been married for less than 4 months, and my husband has already decided he can't be bothered with discussing issues in our relationship. I won't bore you with needless details, so I'll just give a quick run down of our situation. -He does not work. He does not cook, clean the house, shop...
  4. Help!!!!

    Sex in Marriage
    Ok, a lil background: I've been married for 8yrs, together for 9. He was 27, I was 21 when we met.... I work full time at a job that is not physically taxing (but emotionally ruinous) and he is a full time dad to our 5yo son. I don't want to have sex anymore. WHO HAS TIME???? I work 7p-7a...