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clean house
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  1. General Relationship Discussion
    Issue: CLEAN HOUSE??.:confused: Back ground: Together: 5 years Kids: 2 (10 and 8) Jobs: Me: Military, Wife: Stay at home home Typical Day Me: Up at 5am don't get home to 5pm (working) Typical Day Wife: Up at 6 am, gets the kids ready for school, takes them to school, goes to the gym, picks the...
  2. General Relationship Discussion
    Hi - I'm a 37 year old male. We have been together for 12 years. Over the years my life has been full of drama due to her, and I've always been steady state. I've put myself through school, and have held the same job for 15 years. The problem is my wife (36)is unwilling to do ANYTHING ...
  3. General Relationship Discussion
    Hello all I am here to gain some insight on myself, my wife, our marriage and hopefully to make some sense of the mess we are in. I am really not sure where to begin, there are so many details and so many issues that its overwhelming. Her major issue with me: anger, put downs, and feels I...
1-3 of 3 Results