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  1. The Ladies' Lounge
    We were the couple that made everyone else sick. We never really fought. We were always best friends. (We didn't really date in the traditional sense we were best friends who got each other.) My wife recently dropped the bombshell that she planned to leave me for our mutual friend (who is...
  2. General Relationship Discussion
    31 years old. Been married for a little over a year and we have been together over 12 years. 38/m 31/f. Just trying to give a little bit of backround. Last year I lost one of the most cherished, important people in my life. This man was the only father i ever knew and I watched...
  3. The Ladies' Lounge
    ill throw this question out one the ladies side: my wife said Monday that "she loves me as a best friend, and father for our four kids. But doesn't love me. She said I've been doing everything she's asked of around the house and with the kids. She said she cannot connect with me emotionally...
1-3 of 3 Results