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  1. Let's talk about career and motherhood and rant about my life

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Hello all. I would like to know your sincere opinions and experiences about the story I'm going to tell. I'm looking for answers, I read lots of texts that give a bleak view of the path I want to choose while the people I ask tell it isn't really this behemoth that the papers make it to be. Are...
  2. Husband Hates My Work Choices

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Hello, I’m new here and I'm hoping some of you can shed some light on this subject. I’m open to advice, thoughts, and inquiries. This is a little personal, talking about money.. My husband and I have been together for 9 years and he never seems to be satisfied with my choice of where I work...
  3. Torn between the choice of career and motherhood

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Okay, I'll try my best to explain my situation. I'm 27 years old, I graduated in Architecture college two years ago and, as I had planned with my husband, we married right after. 1- The economy in my country, Brazil, went through a recession. There is still low expectation of recovery for the...
  4. Divorce over Employment

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    I apologize for this lengthy post. I have been married for over ten years and have three children. We have had many rough patches as to be expected, and I admit most of the issues are due to myself. That said, my wife has hated her job for some time, but she is the primary breadwinner and her...
  5. Commuter Marriage: Is this a possibility?

    General Relationship Discussion
    After almost two years being out of work, my wife secured a position in a town which is an hour away. I told her to take this role up by all means, as this was necessary plus the opportunity is in a good company that too headquarters. She had quit her last job, and moved with me across to...
  6. Any successful midlife career changers?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Are there any successful mid life career changers here? If so, please share the road you took to get where you are today. :smthumbup:
  7. Wife neglecting her career

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    I've been married for almost ten years, we have 2 year old daughter. My wife and i are in the same occupation, and we met in the university. From the beginning it was always agreed that she would work even after having children. Over the course of our marriage i had to always push her to invest...
  8. Have i ruined my wife's career.

    General Relationship Discussion
    A couple of years ago, I moved Europe on a work assignment from a south asian country. At the time I was due to be married in a few months, i returned hope and married my girl. At the time of the marriage, she was still working, and had quit it to be with me. I then returned again to resume...
  9. New career creating conflict

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    I am a first time visitor to this site. I will be the first to admit that maybe thinking about divorce is jumping the gun a bit, since we haven't even tried counseling, but I'm starting to think that we're really at a fork in the road of our relationship. My husband and I have been married for...
  10. Unsure what is best for my family

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi folks, I first and foremost want to thank everyone who are about to read this, I am sorry it is so wordy. A little background: My wife and I met while I was in college, I realized I was going nowhere fast so I signed up to do "great things for my country". We married before I left for...
  11. Bumpy Ride Makes for a Great Trip!

    Long Term Success in Marriage
    I've been married nearly two decades and every year gets better than the last. It wasn't always that way. My husband has a very demanding career, and sometimes I have to pull more than my weight and go to the end of the line for his time. After a really hard couple of years, I decided to join...
  12. Career or kids?

    General Relationship Discussion
    First I'd just like to say hello to everyone. I'm new here and engaged to be married next January. My fiance and I have discussed expectations and future plans very thoroughly but reading these threads has been great to help me continue to bring up questions like "what would we do if..." "how...
  13. How to get out? Help please

    General Relationship Discussion
    So I have been with this guy for about 2 years, and our relationship has pretty much been a disaster. He is 16 years older than me, and we met at work and continue to work together. The problem has always been his baggage. He is divorced, with 2 kids in middle school, and an ex wife that causes...