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  1. Failing long distance marriage

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Hi guys, Hope you could help me with some advices, maybe I am crazy and no one told me that so far. Ok so my story with my husband is nice, we are both fairly young (24 now, a disadvantage, as I consider). We met over the internet 1 year and a half ago and everything seemed…fairytale. After 4...
  2. Open Relationship Advice

    General Relationship Discussion
    My girlfriend and I have been in an open relationship for about a year now, and during that time, she's had two other partners. She really feels for the person she's currently seeing, which worries me especially. I essentially can't do anything about it because we had a major fight before which...
  3. End of 9 years?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Me and my husband got married 6 years ago, we've been together for 9. While we got along well, there were issues with communication, so we never discussed issues in our relationship, they always got put aside (but not resolved). Over the years our sex life went down hill, we would have sex once...
  4. what am Im doing here ???

    General Relationship Discussion
    hello. my name is Charliemoe and this is my first time posting anything on this site since i became a memeber . i guess im still stuck on the fact that i am actually looking for advice on my own relationship. Me and My husban been married for 4 years *Young,Successful,& InLove* i say - after 4...