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  1. Forgotten Anniversaries & Birthdays

    General Relationship Discussion
    I know it shouldn't be a BIG deal, but it does hurt when your H forgets about your anniversary or birthday. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened, so I should be used to it. He has a smart phone, so you would think he might put in a reminder or something. Yesterday was our...
  2. Should I sleep with someone else on her birthday?

    General Relationship Discussion
    My wife and I have been living separately since July because we were not getting along. We have talked about divorce quite a few times. 2 weeks ago I told her I don't want to see her ever again. We got back together 2-3 days later, at least that's what I felt. We told we loved each other and...
  3. Birthday Blues-

    General Relationship Discussion
    We've been married for over 20 years. We agree that we don't get presents for every event and holiday, but we always have for birthdays and Christmas. My husband also knows that I had an issue with my birthday and Christmas in my first marraige because my first husband didn't bother to get me...
  4. My boyfriend's mother was so rude to me on my birthday

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    My boyfriend wanted to take me camping for my birthday. So we went up to his camp early as everyone else (his family) was going to come up later in the day. For the first couple hours when we got up there early just him and I it was amazing. But then his family came up (his mom is constantly...
  5. no-average husband birthday gift

    General Relationship Discussion
    so the thing is my husband is very difficult to buy for. 1st of all he doesn't want me to spend too much money because we're saving up for something urgent. 2nd of all he doesn't like any sports. third he doesn't like travelling. 4th he doesn't want to have intercourse. 5th he is not romantic...