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bachelor party

  1. Suspicious activity

    General Relationship Discussion
    Husband and I have had issues in the past concerning his bachelor party. basically he promised not to go to strip club but ended up going and getting a lap dance. that was nearly three years ago. Since then he promised not to go to any more strip clubs. Couple of months ago he went to a bachelor...
  2. Boyfriend going to bachelor party

    General Relationship Discussion
    Let me start by saying something so generic and make you wonder why I'm posting in the first place after I make the next statement. My boyfriend and I have one of the BEST relationships out of people that I know. He has been married before. I moved 8 hours away from where we met, and he...
  3. Bachelor Party

    General Relationship Discussion
    My boyfriend is going to be a groomsman for his cousin's wedding and was recently invited to the bachelor party. Neither of us imagined it being something involving strippers until the groom made a reference to my boyfriend about the strippers that will be in the limo. This made me uncomfortable...