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  1. Sexless (Loveless?) Marriage

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi folks, it's been a long time since I've posted. My full story is very long (you can probably see my old posts under my profile if you'd really like to) so I will try my best to keep this short. Essentially, for the entirety of my wife and I's married lives, we've lived in a mostly sexless...
  2. Can Marriage Work with Very Little Sex?

    Sex in Marriage
    My situation is perhaps a bit different than what I read from most men on here. I am 54 and in a serious relationship. I grew up in an alcoholic family (my Mom) so home life was extremely stressful. Athletics and self-sex were my only stress relievers. I was committed to remaining a virgin until...
  3. Mixed orientation marriages

    Sex in Marriage
    Perhaps this is as good as it gets. After all, what is ‘a successful Mixed orientation Marriage’? We've just reached the first anniversary of my wife’s coming out as a lesbian. And we’re still together, still exclusive and faithful to each other, and intending to continue that way. What a year...
  4. My wife [28F] is asexual, I [30M] want to cuddle with other women. Should I?

    Sex in Marriage
    I'm really confused here, so I'm hoping your thoughts and suggestions can help clear my head... I'm a 30yr old man who has been married for three years now. My wife and I are Pakistani and come from traditional Pakistani families. So no sex before marriage, and preferably no relationships...
  5. is it normal/possible for a guy to be asexual?

    Sex in Marriage
    I've been with the same person for 13 years. We are not married but cohabitate. He was my first. There was only 1 other early in college before we were serious. Problem is, I have to beg for sex. I get promises but nothing happens. I think this is progressing to be a very big negative on...