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  1. Tell me the truth men!

    The Men's Clubhouse
    We’ve been married for 26 years and our sex life has been very hot sometimes and others meh. I’m really ready to explore more specifically anal, and perhaps adding toys. He called me a sex fiend and said it’s not his thing. OK. Then how do we liven it up? I did struggle with initiation, and I’m...
  2. Not exactly rape, but I hate it...(very detailed nsfw question)

    Sex in Marriage
    Hello everyone... I would like to know your opinions about this sex issue I'm having. My husband (an otherwise sweet and smart guy), really likes anal. I like anal sometimes (way less often than he does) but find it in general scary, even when I'm enjoying it (it hurts and it's potentially...
  3. Divorce? Sex Boundaries

    Sex in Marriage
    Sex Boundaries I'm half/half considering getting a divorce. Half of me says I should control myself and give up wild sex fantasies and try to find something more meaningful in my life and find something just as fulfilling in my wife and I's relationship. Half of me says there is no substitute...