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  1. New to divorce and need advice

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    I am about to go thru a divorce and feel totally lost. I am on disablity can't afford attorney at all. My wife wants a divorce. I feel it is time for this too. She wants everything and I should have nothing. I am willing to give the house all furniture, even custody of kids and yet she wants...
  2. Need Advice

    Sex in Marriage
    First off, let me say I am very happily married. We’ve been married for almost 11 years. However, lately I am obsessed with my husband. Like if he leaves the room I begin to wonder what he is doing or where he went. If he goes into his bedroom ( we sleep separately I work night shift and snore...
  3. Difficult husband, please help !

    General Relationship Discussion
  4. Am I selfish ? Really in dilemma!!

    Relationships and Addiction
    Deleting thread
  5. Husbands DUI on the job=DivorceTime?

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    We've been married for 24 years, high school sweet hearts, have 2 teen children, several assets, rent our house from a family member and he is an alcoholic. He has worked for the state for 10 1/2 years and is vested with great retirement benefits if he goes to 20 years. BUT, he was turned in...
  6. I want reconcilliation, H does not. Advice?

    I am wondering if anyone has managed to reconcile when things have gone so far wrong? How did you do it? H and I dated for 2 years, have been married 10 yrs, no kids, but 2 dogs. We were both older when we got married, I was 36, he was 37. Two months ago he announced he wanted a separation...
  7. New Husband Wants a Threesome

    Sex in Marriage
    My husband and I have only been married 8 months and he has asked me twice if I would be interested in bringing another woman in for a threesome. The first time I was so upset and he apologized so profusely I thought the issue was over with. We have a great relationship otherwise; we are...
  8. Ridiculous or Reasonable??

    General Relationship Discussion
    My wife and I have a disagreement which threatens to destroy our marriage, because we are both very strong in our feelings. We would like to hear others' views and/or advice on how we can get passed this, and move on. Any posts would be greatly appreciated. Here's the situation: my wife and...
  9. Just married and now second guessing

    General Relationship Discussion
    I'm not sure how I should feel. I just found out that my husband set up some type of "domestic asset trust..." account, basically like a prenuptial agreement with me needing to know about it protecting him if anything happens. What is killing me is that he couldn't just come out and say...
  10. Need Advice!!

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years and together for 8. We have a 2 year old. We first moved in together when we got engaged in 07 and everything was fine for a while and then we started having problems. He said he needed time to think but since we had relocated and were...
  11. Any Suggestions? Newly Wed lost and confused

    Self-Help Marriage & Relationship Programs
    Alright, Ill make it short and sweet. I am a newly wed to a man I just met less then a year ago. Our relationship was wonderful, until we got married (his choice). A bit of back info, I have 3 boys from a previous relationship and am use to being independent. He on the other hand, has no kids...
  12. Help - Emotionally destructive broken Marriage!!!

    General Relationship Discussion
    Anyone who has any advise would be very much appreciated!! I have been in a very emotionally destructive marriage. I have married to my wife for 13yrs, we have a 9yr old boy. I'll just build a quick picture Our marriage has been destroyed by a number of factors mainly by going into business...
  13. I need some serious support and encouragement please

    General Relationship Discussion
    Saturday morning, I finally received a phone call from my husband, after he had been out with his friends from work the night before. I never had any suspicions he was doing anything wrong. I knew if he was drinking he'd stay at his friend's house. The problem was that I never heard from him...