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  1. No sexual desire for my partner---why?

    Sex in Marriage
    Hello, I am 33 years old and she is 29 years old. I think she is the greatest person I have ever met and has all the qualities that I would want in a relationship... Except for that vibe that make women sexy. She is shy and awkward and because of that she is not sexy at all even if her...
  2. newbie

    New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself!
    Hi everyone I'm a newbie here and would love to hear some of your great thoughts, opinions and advices.
  3. new to marriage- am i being cheated

    The Men's Clubhouse
    I got married sept 2011. About 2 months before we were married my wife played a message for me off her cellphone from an ex asking to get together for his birthday. She did this straight out of spite because she wanted to hurt my feelings at that moment. Then followed the worst month of my life...
  4. need help/guidence/impartial advice.

    Relationships and Addiction
    my husband has a fetish that i have recently discovered the full extent of, despite some aspects being introduced into our relationship (at particularly vunerable times for me, for example when i was post partum after the birth of our first child) that i wasn't told about at the begining of our...
  5. my situation

    General Relationship Discussion
    So my husband and I have been married for 9yrs and we have been together for a total of 23 yrs. We just had our first baby 14months ago. I suffer from ppd (post pardon depression) At first I though I had it under control, around month 8 had the baby on a schedual, going to day care 3 days a...