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  1. Are women more attracted to their boyfriend or husband when they know he's attractive to other women? Or do you think it doesn't matter?

    General Relationship Discussion
    On an image board I saw a post explaining why women prefer cheating/promiscuous men which is what inspired me to make this post (Possibly because it signals that they have options) . I wanted to discuss if women feel more attracted to their partner when they know they are desirable to other women.
  2. Wife Buys Husband DNA Kit For His Birthday & They Discover They’re First Cousins

    The Social Spot I think this is the anonymous letter sent to Slate the article was talking about.
  3. If this were you how would you handle this situation?

    Coping with Infidelity
    DISCLAIMER: This is not from me. This is from another person on Reddit. Source Here is part 2.
  4. Spouse cheated need advice

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    My wife would take a friend and her mother to work and home from work just to be nice. Recently I found a drivers license in our car and questioned her about it. She said "the mother was paying her sons driving ticket", okay I believed that and thought nothing of it. Then we got into an...
  5. Cheating in the marital bed

    General Relationship Discussion
    I've heard that even when having an affair, bringing the other person into the home, or the bed you share with your spouse is rare. I think that most of the time when people cheat they are already checking out of the relationship, but I can't help but wonder about the significance of going this...
  6. Separation Problems

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    So I left my soon to be ex-husband on April 14, 2016. The following week he moved in my cousin who he was cheating on me with while we were together. I warned him, along with my entire family warning him, that she was going to use him and get pregnant on purpose so that she could get money from...
  7. Mistress says she's pregnant

    Coping with Infidelity
    I found out a few days after Christmas that my husband of 12 years had been sleeping with a 20 yo. We are in our 40s. Though she says she has PCOS (a disorder of the ovary that causes extreme hormone imbalances and difficulty getting pregnant), she claims she is pregnant. She won't show us a...
  8. Husband has dropped of a divorce papers

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    And he would like to fetch them signed next week! He has completed all the sections relevant to himself. I know that this must be done and I need to be strong. He is a narcissist so I am not signing them until I have spoken to my lawyer next. And to think I actually contemplated giving him...
  9. New here - Traumatizing experience

    Coping with Infidelity
    We met at in 2001, got married in 2004, we have 3 children, 8, 6 and 2. Our marriage was never been good, he was controlling, condescending, I don’t want to be controlled so I retaliate, when he tried to change, I didn’t believe him so we stayed in this cycle of no progress of getting...
  10. 27 year marriage ending...heart broken...

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Celebrated 27 years of marriage December 2014. I had an affair 6 years ago that ended horribly, husband discovered, went to counseling for only 5 months and marriage was stressed, strained and never the same. Rewind to 3 years into our marriage---he had a one night stand. He confessed...
  11. Worst Movie About Cheating I Have Ever Seen

    Coping with Infidelity
    If you have Netflix avoid this movie: Leaving Horrible, horrible pro-adultery movie that depicts a wife who leaves her husband for a handyman, then kills her husband because he had the audacity to kick her out and make them pay for their affair. Watch Leaving Online | Netflix :mad:
  12. adultery during separation

    Coping with Infidelity
    Hello all, I would like to preface this by saying that I am also seeking professional help regularly. Just would like some additional feedback. My wife and I separated, seemingly, out of nowhere. We have been married for 3 years and have a (at the time) just turned 1 year old son. Wife came to...
  13. Needing advice

    General Relationship Discussion
    I am in desperate need of advice, I'm very lost at this moment and don't know what I should do. Lets try and make a long story short, about 2 months ago my wife asked me if one of her friends could come stay with us for awhile. My initial answer was no due to previous issues we had in the past...
  14. Am I fool or an idiot?

    Coping with Infidelity
    This is my first time doing anything like this so please try to forgive my editing and protocol discrepancies. About me: I have had a few relationships where I was betrayed. The one that did the most damage was a 4 year relationship that finished with me finding out over a single week that she...
  15. TotallyEmotionless

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    adultery, divorceArial Black"][/FONT] So after six weeks of marriage I find out that my husband is leading a double life!!!I have great intuition, but I give people three chances to redeem themselves. This past week was the last time. It made me look through our cell phone records and after my...
  16. My wife cheated, I forgave her, but she won't move on

    Coping with Infidelity
    I just recently discovered my wife had an affair for two years. I found out about the affair when I looked tru her email and found out she was pregnant with the OM's child. I confronted her and she said she was terrified. I had told her on the phone that it was over and she cried. 10 minutes...
  17. The best thread on overcoming infidelity

    Coping with Infidelity
    I have been reading a lot about infidelity and affairs from this site. In my counseling practice, one of my specialties is helping couples overcome the effects of infidelity. I have found that the best (positive) thread I have ever read on here for overcoming an affair was...
  18. Moving on, out & up- Post Break-Up

    Coping with Infidelity
    My post break-up therapy resulted in a song. Hope it may be therapeutic for someone else. Song Title: What did I do Tired of the doom and gloom break-up songs, I decided to write one of my own. It's not professionaly done, however, I still wanted to share. My...
  19. What a kick to the balls - wide cheating

    Coping with Infidelity
    My wife told me last night that she had cheated on me with a guy from work, who she says no longer works there. I am 27 and she is 28 and we have been together for 8 years and married 5 years. Before we got married she had had relations with another guy but not intercourse. She told me last...
  20. HELP!! Schizophrenia, Separation, adultery, should I go back?

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Hi, My case is not so cut and dry. I met my husband online, we became best friends, then fell in love. I have always been a spiritual person and my wedding vows are my life long oaths. 4 months after we were married my new husband - and father to be- changed. He became extremely neglectful...