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  1. He cheated while I was pregnant with twins - advice needed!

    Coping with Infidelity
    Hi All, I am new here and would love some advice on what to do next. A few weeks after my twins were born I learned my husband was having an emotional affair that turned physical for the past four or so months with a co-worker at equal levels (so during and after my pregnancy). I learned of...
  2. Quitting porn addiction

    Relationships and Addiction
    Hi, I have a problem. I am married a couple of years back and have a kid. I have been watching porn regularly since 10 years and haven't been able to giveup on it yet. Nut I watch when I am alone inside a room or in a public computer cafe. My wife doesn't know this but maybe she doubts me...
  3. Is there any hope? He is turning me in to a crazy wife!

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    Hi All, Im new here and looking for advice. I have been with my husband for 7 years (married 4). He has always lied to me about small things but I just overlooked them because I really loved him. Now, a few yrs after getting married, it has gotten worse! He lies about everything...normal...
  4. How much masturbating is too much? He seems insatiable.

    Sex in Marriage
    Lately my man has been saying things frequently like "Our sex life is just so amazing". He expresses satisfaction. He seems very turned on from/during our sex. However, there are certain things that have me concerned that he is not getting what he needs. Or that his needs are ... well...